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Home Security Systems Ringwood

WHY Choose Us?
  • We are available 24/7
  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  • Fully licensed and professional technicians.
  • 2 years parts and workmanship guarantee
  • Complete Manufacturer's warranty.
Stay Safe and Secure with our Systems

At Advance Security, we strive to provide highly effective and durable domestic and commercial security systems to home and business owners living throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area. For 20 years, our professional and fully qualified technicians and security experts have designed and installed outstanding home security systems for properties in Ringwood and the surrounding suburbs. Able to provide a greater level of protection to properties from break-ins, our systems can monitor your home, alarm your neighbours to a break-in, and potentially scare off would-be trespassers by their presence alone.

See Everything with CCTV

CCTV Installation Ringwood

Able to offer live and dedicated footage of either the interior or the exterior of your property, CCTV cameras provide the home or business owner with the opportunity to view high-risk areas from the safety of a central point. Placed in strategic points, our durable and faultless CCTV camera installation solutions help give Ringwood locals peace of mind and security.

Tailored Security Solutions

Home Security Ringwood

Thanks to our passion and knowledge of the best security installations, products, and methods, the talented and precise technicians working at Advance Security can improve the home security of Ringwood homes. By taking into account the unique environment of each of our customer’s properties, Advance Security can ensure that all of our customers improve the condition and protection of their homes.

Scare Intruders with our Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems Ringwood

Capable of alerting neighbours and passers-by of potential break-ins or trespassers, our effective and finely tuned home alarm systems can keep Ringwood properties safe from intrusion, damage, and theft.

Flawless and Competitively Priced Alarm Installation Services

Alarm Installation Ringwood

Our skilled and fully certified technicians understand the importance of prompt and comprehensive alarm installation. Ringwood domestic and commercial residents can trust Advance Security to conduct a cost-effective and long-lasting alarm installation that can add to the overall security of their homes or businesses.

We combine the finest alarm systems Ringwood has to offer with an expert team of professionals. Fully licenced and available 24/7, we are here for all your security and alarm system requirements in Ringwood.

Innovative CCTV Installations

CCTV Systems Ringwood

Using products and installations designed and produced by renowned manufacturers, the team at Advance Security are the experts in installing and maintaining CCTV systems for Ringwood locals and beyond.

House Alarms Made for Ringwood

House Alarms Ringwood

When used in conjunction with our other security systems, such as CCTV cameras, our house alarms can keep Ringwood properties in the best position to prevent damage and intrusion. To learn more about our wide range of reputable and expertly produced security options, call us on 03 9735 2000.


At Advance Security, we're the leading specialists in responsible Bosch alarm systems installations in Ringwood, extending our services to other areas including Bayswater, Boronia, and Mitcham. For over two decades, we have been helping homeowners and businesses in greater Melbourne increase their security presence and safeguard their property from potential threats.

A Comprehensive Security Solution in Ringwood

Our team at Advance Security is dedicated to delivering comprehensive Bosch alarm system solutions customised to your needs. We start by evaluating your property to identify potential security loopholes and high-risk areas. We then strategically install Bosch alarm systems that not only maximise security coverage but also align with your budget limitations. For added protection, we recommend a combination of alarm and CCTV installations.

Our alarm systems have a powerful deterrent effect on potential intruders. Able to alert the neighbourhood during a break-in event and stun intruders in their tracks, our alarm systems in the Ringwood area offer invaluable peace of mind. To enhance your property’s protection, you may also choose to explore our dependable and high-quality CCTV solutions.

Your Trusted Local Business in Ringwood

With two decades of customer-focused experience in the security industry, we’ve earned the trust of our clients in Ringwood and the surrounding suburbs of Bayswater, Boronia, and Mitcham. Our extensive local knowledge, coupled with our commitment to securing your property, makes us the go-to security installation experts for residents and businesses.

We pride ourselves on delivering a responsive service, guided at every step by our client’s needs. We’re owner-operated, which means your peace of mind and satisfaction are our number one priority. Known for our high-quality service, we're not just installing security systems; we're building lasting relationships with our clients.

As fully licensed professionals, we're equipped to handle all types of Bosch alarm system installations in Ringwood, promptly and efficiently. We’re available 24/7 for any emergencies that may arise, offering real-time solutions to keep your property secure at all times.

Bosch Alarm System Maintenance and Upgrades

Beyond offering sophisticated Bosch alarm system installations in Ringwood, we're also skilled in maintaining and upgrading your existing systems. This ensures your security system remains in optimal condition, ready to safeguard your property around the clock.

Our maintenance services include regular checks on your Bosch alarm systems, identifying and addressing any technical glitches timely to uphold their performance levels. In addition, we offer upgrade services aimed at introducing advanced features to your current system. This provides enhanced protection and adaptability to evolving security threats.

Affordable Secure Solutions

At Advance Security, we provide state-of-the-art Bose alarm systems in Ringwood without breaking the bank. We believe that safety is a fundamental right, not a luxury. Hence, we strive to deliver top-notch security solutions that are affordable and accessible to everyone in Ringwood.

With us, you receive a fantastic return on your investment. Not only do you get high-quality security systems from renowned brands like Bosch, but also superior installation services, comprehensive maintenance, and affordable prices—all under one roof.

How Can A Bosch Alarm System Benefit You?

Bosch alarm systems are globally recognized for their advanced features, robust performance, and unparalleled reliability. These systems offer a range of benefits like infrared motion detection, smoke detection, and smartphone notifications, increasing the layers of security at your Ringwood property.

Bosch alarm systems are also known for their user-friendly design. Simple instructions and clear controls make these systems convenient for daily use. You can easily arm or disarm the system, trigger a panic alarm, or even request medical assistance directly from the control panel.

Why Choose Advance Security for Bosch Alarm Systems in Ringwood?

  1. Over two decades of experience
  2. 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  3. Fully licensed and professional technicians
  4. 24/7 available service
  5. 2-year parts and workmanship guarantee
  6. Complete Manufacturer's warranty.

For state-of-the-art Bosch alarm systems in Ringwood and professional installation services, call us at Advance Security today on 03 9735 2000. Let us help you create a safe and secure environment at your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Bosch Alarm Systems in Ringwood

Why should I choose Advance Security for Bosch alarm systems in Ringwood?

Advance Security is a reputable company with over two decades of experience in installing Bosch alarm systems in Ringwood. Our team consists of fully licensed professionals who are available 24/7 for emergencies. We also offer a 2-year parts and workmanship guarantee along with a complete manufacturer's warranty.

What other services does Advance Security provide apart from Bosch alarm system installations in Ringwood?

Advance Security provides comprehensive security solutions. We not only install but also maintain and upgrade your existing Bosch alarm systems. Furthermore, we offer CCTV installations to enhance your property’s protection.

Are the Bosch alarm systems installed by Advance Security in Ringwood affordable?

Absolutely. At Advance Security, we believe that safety should be accessible and affordable for everyone. We strive to deliver top-notch security solutions from renowned brands like Bosch, at the most reasonable prices.

What benefits can I expect from a Bosch alarm system installed by Advance Security in Ringwood?

Bosch alarm systems offer advanced features like infrared motion detection, smoke detection, and smartphone notifications to provide a robust and reliable security solution for your property. They are user-friendly with simple instructions and controls for daily use.

Does Advance Security maintain and upgrade existing Bosch alarm systems in Ringwood?

Yes, our services extend beyond the installation of new systems. We provide regular maintenance checks on your Bosch alarm systems to optimise their performance levels and offer upgrade services to equip your current system with more advanced features.

Our Projects

Thanks to our extensive experience the team at Advance Security have worked on a number of detailed projects including:


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Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Weatherproof and able to provide exceptional vision our outdoor cameras can help keep a close eye on hazardous exterior environments including pool areas, ensuring....

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