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Security Cameras Templestowe

WHY Choose Us?
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Let our Security Cameras Keep an Eye on Things

Looking to safeguard your home against theft and vandalism? With our security cameras for Templestowe, you aren’t just getting a prop, you’re getting the real thing. Our installations are perfectly placed so that no corner or shadow is left unscrutinised. What’s more, our images are crystal clear, so if a criminal does let us take a happy snap of their face, we will make sure that they can be identified by police.

With our security cameras, Templestowe customers will also find their insurance premiums are lower – not to mention the peace of mind that comes from a good night’s sleep, knowing your home’s security cameras have their eyes open for you!

Home Security Templestowe

Criminals Can’t Win – Our Security is Advanced

When it comes to home security for Templestowe and surrounding suburbs, you can’t be too safe. Too many of our clients come to us after a bad experience, having taken for granted the safety of their home, and fallen prey, sadly, to opportunistic crooks. The fact is, if you’re not protected, even the simplest of criminals can get into your home.

Advance Security will put an impregnable shield between you and the criminal elements that attempt a break-in. We have a range of systems which, after nearly twenty years in the industry, we know will work to protect your home. Whether you're looking for a simple alarm system or a more complex CCTV camera installation, we can help! Criminals can't win – our home security for Templestowe is unbeatable.

Alarm Systems Templestowe

Don’t Compromise on Safety

Looking for alarm installation in Templestowe that is linked to a genuine security force? We don’t just have one security guard who will take forever to come to your property when an alarm goes off. When our alarm systems for Templestowe are triggered, they immediately register with our roving party of security guards. Our expertly trained guards are ready to respond now!

Our alarm systems for Templestowe also have a second line of defence – they are ear-splittingly loud, making it unbearable for the criminal to continue to loot and trash your home.

Double your security with our alarm installation for Templestowe properties. Talk to Advance Security about our needs and we’ll offer alarm installation and monitoring for your commercial or residential premises.

CCTV Systems Templestowe

Don’t Settle for an Inferior Installation!

Already installed a CCTV system in Templestowe, but looking to upgrade? With decades of experience in the industry, our team know exactly what makes the difference between a well-protected home and a mere show of defence.

We often see this with our competitors’ work. Their CCTV systems in Templestowe homes and businesses will be installed, with the cameras all focusing on obvious problem spots, but missing the subtler entry points. At Advance Security, we have trained ourselves to think like the crooks that want to get into your home – this is the only way to outwit them!

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Thanks to our extensive experience the team at Advance Security have worked on a number of detailed projects including:


Responsive Systems

Stay safe without leaving your bed with our networked smartphones and CCTV cameras. Feel secure when you hear a noise in the middle of the night thanks to Advance Security!


Interior Monitoring

Keep your property under a watchful eye thanks to our high-definition CCTV cameras. Offering an extensive field of vision our CCTV cameras give you constant vision of your expensive...


Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Weatherproof and able to provide exceptional vision our outdoor cameras can help keep a close eye on hazardous exterior environments including pool areas, ensuring....

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