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Secure Your Property with Advance Security. At Advance Security, we understand the importance of a secure environment, whether it’s for a private residence, a public property, or a commercial establishment. With over 20 years of experience in the field, our professional and qualified team can provide optimal security solutions. In Glen Waverley and neighbouring areas including Ringwood, Mitcham, and Keysborough, we offer our customers top-notch security guards, geared to uphold your safety, around the clock.

Specialised Security in Glen Waverley

Personalised security plans are essential for effective safeguarding, and our team of experts are skilled at devising comprehensive strategies suitable to various needs. In Glen Waverley, whether you require security for a personal event or a business enterprise, we are equipped to supply well-trained security guards to look after your safety requirements. With an in-depth understanding of local demands and demographics, our guards are prepared to handle all sorts of situations, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Tailored Security Solutions for Businesses

In the commercial realm, security guards aren't just about protecting physical assets but ensuring smooth operation by preventing disruptions, too. At Advance Security, our security guards in Glen Waverley are proficient at handling a wide range of business settings. From retail outlets to corporate buildings, they are experienced with various security challenges and are routinely trained to stay updated on evolving trends and threats in the commercial security landscape.

Home Security in Glen Waverley

Enhancing security at residential properties requires a more subtle approach. Our security guards in Glen Waverley are adept at providing efficient surveillance while respecting privacy boundaries. Our team collaborates closely with residents, to build a security plan that caters to their specific concerns while maintaining a comfortable living environment. The presence of our guards also acts as a strong deterrent for potential intruders and miscreants.

How to Choose the Right Security Service?

Choosing a reliable security service involves considering factors such as the professionalism of guards, local area knowledge, experience, and a thorough understanding of the client's needs. Other aspects to consider include continuous training of guards to keep them updated with the latest security protocols and the ability to offer tailored security solutions. At Advance Security, we cover these factors and more, aiming to offer unmatched security services.

Trust Advance Security for Your Safety

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we at Advance Security take pride in our commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction. Our security guards in Glen Waverley undergo regular training, honing their skills to deliver exceptional service. We prioritise the transparency of our services and offer a complete manufacturer's warranty along with a 2-year guarantee on parts and workmanship. Available 24/7, we are here for all your security concerns.

Why Choose Advance Security Guards in Glen Waverley?

With Advance Security, there is an assurance of top-quality security services tailored to cater to individual needs. Our team consists of licensed and professional technicians with extensive experience and knowledge. We understand the local area, which makes us ready to tackle area-specific challenges, and we use state-of-the-art technology to deliver unmatched security solutions. For effective security services, all you need to do is call us on 03 9735 2000 or visit our office in Lilydale. Ensure your peace of mind with Advance Security Guard services.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Security Guards in Glen Waverley

What kind of professional security services does Advance Security provide in Glen Waverley?

Advance Security provides a range of security services in Glen Waverley for both personal and commercial needs. The services include specialised security solutions, security plans for businesses and homes, and training and deployment of security guards.

How experienced are the security guards at Advance Security in Glen Waverley?

The security guards at Advance Security in Glen Waverley undergo regular training to hone their skills and they are equipped with over 20 years of experience in providing optimal security solutions.

Can Advance Security provide security solutions for commercial establishments in Glen Waverley?

Yes, Advance Security in Glen Waverley offers tailored security solutions for businesses. The Security guards are well-trained in handling a wide range of business settings, ensuring a smooth operation by preventing disruptions.

How does Advance Security safeguard residential properties in Glen Waverley?

Advance Security uses a subtle approach to enhance residential security in Glen Waverley. The security guards are adept at providing efficient surveillance while respecting privacy boundaries and acting as a deterrent for potential intruders.

Why choose Advance Security for your security needs in Glen Waverley?

With a dedicated, licensed and professional team, Advance Security combines extensive local knowledge and the use of state-of-the-art technology to deliver top-quality security services. They offer a comprehensive security approach, tailored to the individual needs of their clients in Glen Waverley.

Our Projects

Thanks to our extensive experience the team at Advance Security have worked on a number of detailed projects including:


Responsive Systems

Stay safe without leaving your bed with our networked smartphones and CCTV cameras. Feel secure when you hear a noise in the middle of the night thanks to Advance Security!


Interior Monitoring

Keep your property under a watchful eye thanks to our high-definition CCTV cameras. Offering an extensive field of vision our CCTV cameras give you constant vision of your expensive...


Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Weatherproof and able to provide exceptional vision our outdoor cameras can help keep a close eye on hazardous exterior environments including pool areas, ensuring....

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