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Security Guards

At Advance Security, we offer highly-trained security guards to guarantee the safety of your property in Melbourne. With over 20 years of exceptional service, our dedicated team focuses on crafting unique security strategies in line with your specific needs and preferences. We care about your safety - you can trust us to deliver superior security services wherever you are in Melbourne.

Security Guard Services

Top-Rated Melbourne Security Guard Services

Count on us to protect your home or business with our industry-leading security guard services. Be it Bayswater, Boronia, or Chirnside Park, we provide round-the-clock security services, covering Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Our trained security personnel respond promptly to security threats, ensuring your property is secure and safe day and night.

Our team at Advance Security guarantees efficient and reliable protection for your business premises and residential properties. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach to security, our guards have prevented potential break-ins and theft incidents in Melbourne. Our goal is not only to secure your property but also to give you peace of mind. When you choose our services, you're choosing maximum security and assured safety.


over 20 years experience

Working with us also means experiencing unmatched professionalism. Our team is regularly trained to maintain high standards of performance and customer service. We value open communication, so you can freely discuss your security concerns and needs with us. We tailor our strategies to match your unique needs, prioritising your safety and satisfaction.

Why Choose Advance Security For Security Guards In Melbourne?

Choosing Advance Security for your security guard needs in Melbourne ensures dependable, responsible, and professional security services. We take pride in our team's responsiveness, vigilance, and unwavering commitment to protect your property. Here's why Advance Security is Melbourne's trusted choice:

  • 24/7 Availability: We operate 24/7 to provide continuous protection for your properties.
  • Expert Professionals: Our qualified security guards have undergone rigorous training for effective security service delivery.
  • Experience: With 20 years of service, we understand Melbourne's security needs and have consistently satisfied our customers.
  • On-Site Presence: Our security guarding services cover Melbourne's major areas, including Croydon, Kilsyth, and Lilydale.
  • Complete protection: We offer comprehensive security services for both residential and commercial properties in Melbourne.


At Advance Security, we take pride in our strict hiring process. We ensure that each member of our security guard team in Melbourne is not only qualified but also possesses the necessary skills and attitude to serve our clients best.

Firstly, the potential security guards undergo a thorough pre-screening process. We verify their qualifications, work history, and any criminal background to ensure they meet our strict security standards. Secondly, we assess their physical fitness and endurance as part of our vetting process. Lastly, we train our security guards to handle various situations, from emergencies to confrontations, effectively and efficiently.


We believe in the continuous improvement of our security guards to stay ahead in Melbourne's ever-evolving security landscape. We conduct regular training sessions to equip our security guards with the latest security strategies, advanced crisis management skills and updated legal knowledge that aligns with Melbourne's laws.

Our emphasis on training ensures our security guards are ready to handle any security challenge. We consider real-life scenarios and emergencies during our training sessions, emphasising quick decision-making, effective communication, and swift response. By doing this, our security guards become well-versed in managing different situations, mitigating risks, and ensuring the safety of your properties in Melbourne.


At Advance Security, we believe that our clients deserve the best protection. That's why we go more than an extra mile to offer high-quality security services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. For top-notch security services in Melbourne, call us at 03 9735 2000. Let Advance Security safeguard your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions for Security Guards in Melbourne

What makes Advance Security a top choice for security guard services in Melbourne?

Advance Security offers highly skilled security guards operating 24/7 across Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience, our guards are trained to provide effective protection for both residential and commercial properties. Continuous training sessions ensure that our personnel stay abreast with the latest security strategies and legal knowledge.

How does Advance Security ensure the reliability of its security guards in Melbourne?

As part of our strict hiring process, potential security guards undergo a thorough pre-screening where we verify their qualifications, work history, and any criminal background. We also assess their physical fitness and endurance. Lastly, they're trained to handle various situations effectively and efficiently.

Does the Advance Security offer continuous protection across Melbourne?

Yes, Advance Security operates round-the-clock and our services cover all major areas of Melbourne including Bayswater, Boronia, Chirnside Park, Croydon, Kilsyth, and Lilydale.

How does Advance Security handle its training and development for security guards in Melbourne?

We put a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. Our security guards undergo regular training sessions that cover the latest security strategies, and advanced crisis management skills, and ensure their knowledge aligns with Melbourne's laws. Training includes real-life scenarios and emergencies where they practise quick decision-making, effective communication, and swift response.

How can I contact Advance Security for security guard services in Melbourne?

For top-notch security services in Melbourne, you can call Advance Security at 03 9735 2000. Our team prioritises open communication and is ready to discuss your security concerns and needs.

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